The Belltable, Limerick was established in 1981 and was the first regional arts centre in the country. The arts centre is multidisciplinary with a programme of theatre, dance, visual arts, music, film and comedy.

We would also like to give a shout out to our friends John and Rob who gave us an android tv box here at the centre. For those interested you can go to their site android tv box uk for more information. Over the course of several years, the price of satellite and cable has hit an all time high. This has put many consumers into a difficult situation and has forced them to seek out an alternative. Many have switched over to Android TV boxes. The rise of Android TV boxes in the UK has been unprecedented and will likely continue for many years to come. What has brought about this change? You will find out below!

Cheaper and Better

When it comes down to it, the British clamor for their entertainment, but they refuse to spend excessively to get it! This has resulted in the need for something new. The Android TV box fills this void completely. With this box, the consumer will save money, without losing television or entertainment. The majority of the channels available through subscription cable are also available with Android boxes. The price differential is a dramatic one and could save the consumer a hundred pound or more a month.

No Going Back

From this point on, there will be no going back. These products are growing exceptionally in popularity and they’re just getting started. It is believed that 50% of homes will have one of these boxes within a few years. Are you ready for the digit revolution?

We are also promoting our friends Ahmed and Niamh and their new scooter business based here in Limerick as part of our new business enterprise scheme.

Throughout the years, a handful of technological advances have been released to the public. Among these, you will find the self balance board. This highly innovative device is truly something out of the future. The device is capable of transporting the user over a great distance at moderate speeds. This is thoroughly impressive and can offer an enormous number of benefits, when compared to motor vehicles.

The Benefits

Overall, there are numerous benefits associated with self balance boards. First, they can help to protect the environment. Unlike vehicles, this type of transportation doesn’t put off any harmful fumes. At the same time, this type of vehicle is very portable and lightweight. This makes it possible to toss the board into your backpack and helps to ensure that you never have to look for a convenient parking place.

Also, self balancing boards are capable of transporting you to areas that other vehicles cannot. They can easily glide through alleyways and can even be used indoors. This makes them much more functional and helps to guarantee that you never have to walk anywhere again.


At the end of the day, a self-balance board can be a cool and highly innovative way to travel from one location to another. For added functionality, some of these devices are Bluetooth enabled and are capable of playing music. Plus, they’re available in numerous colors. In the future, it is highly likely that more and more consumers will make the switch to this type of transportation!